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What Are Partnership Classes?

What is a partnership class?

What is a partnership class?


Lyceum is working in partnership with Monroe Public Schools to provide an enjoyable educational experience for your child. The classes offered are considered elective courses and not core classes like english, math, science and social studies. Each registered student with Monroe Public Schools will attend an in-person class weekly and also apply knowledge gained from your class to complete a semester-end project. This method is called project-based learning and it enables students to acquire deeper knowledge of the material they learn in class and study a question over a long period of time. Students will practice critical thinking, creativity and communication skills and create a project to share their findings that is directly related to what they are learning in class. 


Who Qualifies?

Any child who is a resident of Monroe, Wayne, Washtenaw, or Lenawee county and is between the ages of 5-18.


Registration Requirements

Students must enroll as a part time student of Monroe Public Schools. To register you can stop by one of our open house events or visit the the Monroe Public Schools Administration building. Please bring with you the following documents.

1. Child's Birth Certificate

2. Proof of residency (utility bill, lease, taxes, mortgage)

3. Parent/Guardian ID/Drivers License

4. Immunization records (or waiver from the health department)

In the world of Michigan partnerships, there are two kinds: Virtual and Project-Based.  In a virtual-based partnership, the only thing that counts in the eyes of the school and state is the virtual (online) aspect.  In a PBL partnership, hands-on learning in the class is the primary focus.  This year, we are going to be switching to a PBL model.

Does this mean there is no online component? 

Yes, but mentor contacts with your child's teacher of record still need to take place every week. The teacher of record might ask your child a few questions each week about their in class project. These changes are being made to increase student knowledge and allow them to learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.  Their learning will be more personal and help them gain a broad perspective on their driving question for each class.

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