What Are Partnership Classes?

What is a partnership class?

Monroe Public Schools is working in partnership with the Lyceum to provide an enjoyable educational experience for your child. Each registered student with Monroe Public Schools will have a virtual component in a Google Classroom that coincides with their in-person class. The virtual component is intended to allow the students to dig deeper into their chosen subject area and expand on what they are learning. 


Who Qualifies?

Any child who is a resident of the state of Michigan and is between the ages of 5-18.


Registration Requirements

Students must enroll as a part time student of Monroe Public Schools. To register you can stop by one of our open house events or visit the the Monroe Public Schools Administration building. Please bring with you the following documents.

1. Child's Birth Certificate

2. Proof of residency (utility bill, lease, taxes, mortgage)

3. Parent/Guardian ID/Drivers License

4. Immunization records (or waiver from the health department)

Virtual Component

  1. Students will login to their Google Classroom, Lincoln Learning, or Edmentum every week for each class and find the content for that week.

  2. Students will complete the assignment for the week. These assignments will meet state of Michigan educational standards. Some classes may have additional assignments from virtual school providers that meet grade appropriate educational standards for the state of Michigan. If so, a link will be provided in the Google classroom with instructions for students to complete that assignment. 

  3. Students will check-in with their Monroe Public Schools teacher of record once a week to go over what they have worked on for the previous week. This check-in can occur in person or either over the phone or via email.

  4. Participation in count day procedure is required. Student checks in with the teacher of record either in person, speaks to the teacher of record over the phone on count day before 3pm, or a count day email is sent to the teacher of record on count day before 3pm.