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Every Child Learns Differently

Lyceum Learning Institute offers the following homeschool educational opportunities 

  • Elective Classes With Virtual Core Classes

  • State of the Art Makers Lab

  • Monroe Public Schools Funded Partnership Elective Classes For Part-time Students

  • Dual Enrollment With Monroe County Community College For High School Students

  • Monroe Public Schools Full Curriculum Virtual School

  • Small Group Or Private Tutoring


  • Unschooler Meet Ups

  • Forest School

  • Before and After Hours Child Care For Ages 5 to 12

  • Tuition Based Toddler & Preschool Classes

  • Child Care For Younger Siblings Ages 2 1/2 to 6

  • Speech & Occupational Therapy

  • Parent Workshops and Fitness Classes

  • Summer Workshops and Camps

  • Tuition Classes

Lyceum's Educators



Teachers all have prior classroom experience in either public schools, private schools, homeschool partnerships, or as college professors. A state certified elementary or high school teacher reviews each class syllabus and curriculum to insure an optimal educational experience.


Experts in their field are our local business partners offering classes or workshops at the Lyceum or at their place of business. One example is our Spa Workshop which is taught by a person who owns a beauty and cosmetic company.


Mentors are parents or volunteers that run clubs or teams including 4H, Book Clubs, Chess Club, Unschooler Meet Ups, etc.

All teachers, experts, mentors, and staff are FBI background checked annually. 

Our Children's Safety

Lyceum Takes Security Seriously

Our building is not open to the public; everyone must be buzzed in the front door. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay in our parent lounge, volunteer, or take siblings to the playground during Lyceum hours. You must have completed a background check to be allowed past the front desk. Family members may drop off students or wait in our lobby. Any adults listed on your release form must show identification to pick up a student.


Parent Involvement Makes All The Difference


​We ask parents volunteer twenty hours per year. Some activities that can count towards your volunteer hours:

  • Playground Monitor

  • Lunch Monitor

  • Outdoor Monitor During Sports Classes

  • Coaching a Sports Team

  • Leading a Club

  • Many Others!

Parents are encouraged to stay onsite and are welcomed as silent observers in the classroom. Parents homeschool their children for many reasons, and we want them all to be comfortable.


Parents may also drop off their students. We will need a release form and emergency contact information. There is a $15 fee for late pick up, after the fifteen minute grace period after your child's last class.

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