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Homeschooling Your Own Way

I was asked by the custodian at the Lyceum building yesterday "Why would homeschool kids want to take classes? Don't they just learn at home?" Homeschooling is not solitary confinement. Our kids participate in dance classes, karate, swimming lessons, baseball, art classes, robotics, music lessons, and so much more in our communities. Some children may only have their parents as teachers. Most homeschoolers have other coaches or instructors in certain subjects. 

We are like any other parent. We are not experts in every subject or activity our child is interested in. We also don't have the space or equipment required for our children to master certain skills. " Honey, we need to build a indoor pool for Billy to learn how to swim." Again we are just like any other parent! We didn't all win the lottery before we decided to homeschool either.

The Lyceum Learning Institute was created with these facts in mind. All of us want a community to share our learning experiences with. A place that welcomes all like the Lyceum. Our children are social and enjoy the company of other children. However you chose to participate in the Lyceum is up to you. Whether you come to a free event, go on a field trip, participate in our science fair, take elective classes, or use our group discounted prices for business partner classes.

Looking forward to our new adventure,

Michelle Mason 

Director of the Lyceum Learning Institute 


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